On January 15, 2020, Advanced Centre for PhD Students and Young Researchers in Informatics (ACeSYRI) was started to provide an innovative infrastructure for international cooperation among students, researchers and teaching lecturers of Kazakh and European universities. This project will bring the education of graduate students closer to the generally accepted international rules and norms based on the internationalization of postgraduate education. Project duration: 15 January 2020 – 15 January 2023 Target group:  PhD students, young researchers, heads of higher education institutions, university lecturers and administration Project goals and objectives:
  • To improve the research conditions of young researchers in Kazakhstan
  • To provide an innovative infrastructure for international cooperation among young researchers and teaching staff of Kazakh and European universities
  • To provide electronic platform for PhD students to find consultants in domains related to their research areas outside of Kazakhstan and involve them in international projects
  • To provide the publication opportunity for young researchers in the framework of the CERES journal
  • To provide the presentation venue for young researchers in special workshops organized by EU partners
  • To use ACeSYRI portal for professional communication and cooperation.
Expected results:
  • The creation of long-term cooperation platform for Kazakh and EU universities.
  • The development of virtual online portal. The current version of the ACeSYRI platform is located at
  • Conducting conferences,workshops, meetings to share the scientific experience of young reseachers